Optical windows and thin film polarizers from ARO

 Дата публикации: 08.05.2021

Thin film polarizer

ARO's standard Brewster thin-film polarizers are designed for applications that require polarization separation. These polarizers have a moderate extinction ratio Tp: Ts> 200: 1 and are ideal for high power and UV applications. Our specialists manufacture standard and custom Brewster polarizers for wavelengths between 230 nm and 2000 nm in dimensions up to 160 mm.Thin film polarizer separate the s and p polarized components. They are used in high-power lasers. With a high damage threshold of up to 10 J / cm2 @ 1064 nm 8 ns, thin film polarizers are used as an alternative to Glan prism or polarizing beam splitting cube.Typically used in polarizers for intracavity Q-switching and attenuators for Nd: YAG lasers.Thin film polarizers can be used for incidence angles> 40 °, but the most effective polarization is achieved for an incidence angle of 56 ° (Brewster angle) over a wide wavelength range. Extinction coefficient Tp / Ts - 1000: 1.For optimal transmission, those polarizers should be mounted in a suitable holder for angle adjustment.

Optical window

ARO supplies optical windows and slides for custom use where a security component is required to separate the two elements. Optical windows and slides are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and can be supplied with anti-reflective coating or uncoated depending on your requirements.Optical window intended for use in the visible spectrum are used to prevent saturation or damage to electronic sensors, detectors, and other sensitive optical components. Visible optical windows are ideal for use in imaging applications or as protective screens in industrial applications. Visible optical windows do not increase system power. Optical windows for the visible range should be selected based on material or mechanical properties.We offer a wide range of optical windows, including various models for the visible spectrum. ARO windows are manufactured on a variety of glass or plastic substrates. ARO optical windows are designed for a wide range of applications, including those requiring high strength or large operating temperature ranges. Plastic optical windows are lightweight, cost-effective solutions for applications requiring enhanced mechanical properties. Visible glass windows are ideal for applications requiring superior optical properties or wide operating temperature ranges.

Quality optics accessible from everywhere

Most beamsplitters are long-wavelength filters (reflecting wavelengths shorter than the cutoff and transmitting longer ones).ARO offers a wide range of polarization-insensitive dichroic beam splitters with high bandwidth, low fluctuation, steep edge, and high reflectivity. Total reflection and transmission in specified areas provide a low level of stray light, which in turn reduces background and increases the signal-to-noise ratio. The filters presented are optimized for fluorescence analysis and other applications where beam combining and separation by wavelength is required.All our optical filters are hard coated and have high quality, low autofluorescence substrates. So if you're looking for optics near me from anywhere in the country just contact Alpine Research Optics.